Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Center of Gravity by Laura McNeill FIC McN

 Ava is one of those women who thinks she has hit the jackpot when smooth-talking Mitchell Carson falls in love with her.   He has been raising his young son Jack after his wife's tragic death.  Ava was a counselor at Jack's school and that is how she met Mitchell.  He is a driven and successful man - that should make Ava's mother think more highly of her.  After a couple years of marriage things have changed.  Jack has been officially adopted by Ava and he is very happy to be a big brother to baby Sam.  Ava is no longer working (Mitchell's decision) and is instead trying to be the perfect wife and mother so that Mitchell doesn't get upset.  It has become a balancing act and she is beginning to lose her balance.  Her failures are forcing Mitchell to take drastic measures - and you know that isn't going to end well!
      A good psychological thriller of good versus evil.

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